About us

About XinYu


Mainly engaged in the manufacture, wholesale and retail of PE industrial stretch film. And use the OBM method (Own Branding & Manufacturing) to establish its own brand products. Strictly control the quality of products with the method of manufacturing in Taiwan. The company was founded on the belief of local service, fast delivery, fair prices and stable products.


Honesty and consummation are the purpose of the company's management

The products produced by our company are guaranteed to have sufficient weight and do not contain paper tube weight. Resolutely unwilling to deceive consumers in order to increase profits, take sustainable operation and create a win-win situation as the starting point to achieve a win-win situation, and reduce the pressure on the company and factory inventory required by the production and sales method in Taiwan, so as to be more flexible Way to serve the market. This is the company's two main operating axes, "Integrity" and "Consummation".


Integration of years of sales experience

It is found that the specifications and prices of the products currently circulating on the market are quite confusing. It is not possible to provide a complete reference basis for the companies, factories and consumers needed. The company provides the most complete reference basis service market demand by way of different specifications by weight.